Medicinal & aromatic cultivations

  • We already benefited 2000 of grower all over INDIA by promoting medicinal & aromatic farming.
  • About 200 acres of land has been developed as medicinal plants estate Supported in establishment of small nursery of medicinal & aromatic plants, India.
  •  A demonstration garden is under developed at Bassi,Lapura  Already promoted 100 acres of land under Aloe Vera cultivation & helps in marketing 
  • One of the Major Research projects, entitles “Stevia cultivation under contract farming”, is undertaken in collaboration with an international Company  Support for medicinal plant
  • Processing & post harvest management including Marketing with two companies in Rajasthan state
  • We undertake contract & lease farming on large scale for numbers of medicinal cultivation under a complete buy back agreement.  Seeds and seedlings distributed to 1000 growers by the society in Bassi Phagi, Jaipur;
  • Organic manure from plant in addition available to them without any costs.
  • Training programmes organized for the benefit for farmers, individual & agricultural officers


Upcoming Projects

To establish hybrid quality seeds nursery in four hectares. More & more cultivation of medicinal plants with drip irrigation & micro sprinkler system.Organise more & more skill development & capacity building programmes to promote medicinal & aromatic farming


 Jatropha cultivation

  • CMS benefited 400 farmers by promoting jatropha cultivation on waste land and available them market all over Rajasthan mainly Udaipur  HCMS already export 500 metric tones seeds to universities & bio- fuel companies
  •  Model nursery of Jatropha saplings in 2 acres at bassi is under process. For research purpose we supplied 100 metric tones jatropha seeds to IIT Khargpur, MNIT, Vinayak Traders, OPRA Bio Diesel etc.
  •  Promoted 100 acres of Land by combination of food crops and Jatropha is a “condition, sine qua non” for smallholder farmers & by placing Jatropha fences around their fields with vegetables for more livelihood to farmers

Upcoming Projects

To promote jatropha cultivation as a inter cropping in 500 acres all over Rajasthan. Establish Model nursery in 4 hectares in Rajasthan state


Horticulture cultivations

  • Promoted 20 acres of land under Guava ,papaya cultivation at lalsot ,Swai Madhopur  Promoted 80 acres of Land under orange & potato cultivation at mandalgad,Jhunjhunu 
  • Promoted 10 acres of land under tomato cultivation, Chittorgarh Promoted & under processing 50 acres of land under vegetables & leafy vegetables cultivation nearby villages of Jaipur 
  • Promoted 20 acres of land under Anwala cultivation, chaksu  Grading & packing house & training centers at jaipur & Lalpura 
  • Establishing Quality Standards and Certification Mechanism for growers  Benefited farmers and rural people through training, Education and Capacity Building for promoting horticulture cultivation 
  • Promotional Activity viz. home/school, herbal gardens etc. all over Rajasthan from 1999

Upcoming Projects

Promote more & more uses of drip & mini sprinkler irrigation  systems in vegetable & horticulture cultivations under 200 acres of land, Jaipur zone. Promote Green house with small nurseries under 10 acres of land. Establish tissue culture laboratory & promoting tech cultivation To establish Small-scale food processing unit in rural areas. More & more horticulture


Organic farming

  • HCMS conducted numbers of seminars, camps & skill development training for promotions of organic farming  Organization connected with 500 farmers for organic farming in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan
  • For promoting organic manures promoting 2 Vermi composed manufacturing units, nearby Jaipur & Churu
  • Developed vermiculture in three villages. Farmers use them in agriculture
  • Promoting organic wheat cultivation in 10 acres of land at Punjab. Purchased 200 metric tons organic wheat from Abhore till 2009,promoting 25 farmers

Upcoming Projects

Promotion of more medicinal herbs cultivation and its uses for chemical and pesticides free environment.


Dairy development

  • Promoting dairy at chaksu by facilitating animal feeds supplement Promoting Pashu chara, Gujarat, small enterprises by developed grazing land with organic farming for animal feed supplements.
  • The establishment of grass nurseries in cattle producing address of Rajasthan state  Promotional campaigns to increase consumption of dairy products in phagi districts to benefited dairy owners 
  • Assistance 50 farmers to enhance milk producers participation in all aspects of dairying for the, improvement of milk collection, processing and marketing systems.
  • Establishment of dairy training activities and the dissemination and exchange of information.
  • The HCMS will continue to promote farmers with the message that they should consider dairying as an industry and not a turn T on/turn T off part-time vocation. Within this context TRAINING, via field days, seminars, workshops & practical trainings is a paramount consideration within the Plan of action

Upcoming Projects

Promoting desi breed cows to complete our better environment objective


Livelihood & capacity building

  • To orient the participants in achieving the Sustainable Development
  • To enhance the Knowledge and Skills in Project Planning and Implementation through, On-site Construction, Technical visits 
  • To expose to various Systems being implemented in the 3rdWorld including organic manure, biofertilizer, Water & soil Treatment like water harvesting, less use of pesticides, regular check up of soil & water, Cattle Waste Management, Environment Protection.
  • Promotions for weaker sections Women and Children through Education, Vocational, Training and formation of Self-help Groups to sustaining their livelihood

Upcoming Projects



Women & child welfare

  • Benefited 200 poor & widow women’s by providing training in stitching, painting, embroidery at Jaipur 
  • Practical training to 300 women’s in bag making & stitching at Dholpur, Bharatpur , Bundi & phagi district.
  • Provide one year employment to 50 women’s in Grading & packing company, jaipur 
  • Promoting 20 women’s nearby Jaipur & churu by available employment in export company.
  • The organisation has acquired experience for more than 10 years in the fields of Integrated Rural Development which includes Family Planning and Mother-Child Health Programme, Aids, Income Generation
  • Activity for Village women, Education for Children, Women Awareness programme, etc.  Provide livelihood to 10 women’s in beauty parlor ,Jaipur

Upcoming Projects

Women permanent training & education centre for their livelihoods & child education centre. Special school for child laborer & free computer trainings. To improve health status of the poor rural women.


Asha sahyogini
For the development of maternal and infant health