Skill Development Programme

Skill development is necessary for empower the youth specially women.Skill development make them more employable and more productive in their work environment.We offer courses across 40 sectors which are aligned to the standards recognized by both, the industry and the government under the National Skill Qualification Framework. The courses help a person focus on practical delivery of work and help him/her enhance his technical expertise so that he/she is ready to start his/her enterprise

Mahila Smriddhi Yojana -Skill Development Training through NMDFC, New Delhi:

Training on Self Employed Tailor

National Minority Development & Finance Nigam sanctioned us a training on Self employed Tailor for the minority women.

The training was organized at Niwai. All the trained women are now engaged in production of garments at their home & earning more than 6000 Rs. per month.

Skill Development Training for the Self Help Groups under NULM:

We provided different trainings to the women covered under NULM. The main trades are:
Essence-Stick making, Dung Products making, Paper Bags Making, Sewing, Packaging, Dress Making, Dairy, Organic Cultivation, Trading of Sanitary Napkins & other cosmetics, Aari Taari work, Gota Zari Work, Black & White Phenyl, Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent, Purses, Bags, Folders, and other local handicrafts.

Training & Production of White & Black Phenyle:

We are not restricted the trainings up to traditional products & agriculture & allied products. We trained women in production of CFL, White & Black Phenyl, Dish wash, Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent etc.

Training on Phenyl Manufacturing & It's Production

These trained women are linked with the market. They also contacted to respective Nagar Palikas. Now these trained women are marketing their product & earning 5-6 thousand per month..

Skill Development through OBC Development Cooperation:

We organized trainings on Machine Operator course at Bassi & Shivdaspura. We trained 40 women in the scheme. All of these are now working from their home & earning well. Similarly a training on manufacturing folders & paper bags manufacturing was conducted at Aajam Nagar. These women are now encased in manufacturing of Paper Bags.

Training on Folders at Aajam Nagar

Activities of HCMS for women empowerment are not limited to SHGs formation only. We also contributed in training them. HCMS has arranged different type of training to empower women. These trainings are focused on generation of self employment generation. HCMS has provided training to women in covered nine districts on below mentioned training programmes.

Essence-Stick Making

  • Dung Products making
  • Paper Bags Making
  • Sewing
  • Packaging
  • Dress Making
  • Dairy
  • Organic Cultivation,
  • Trading of Sanitary Napkins & other cosmetics
  • Aari Taari work
  • Gota Zari Work
  • Black & White Phenyl
  • Hand Wash
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Purses
  • Bags
  • Folders
  • Terracotta
  • Other local handicrafts

In these trades 15476 women are engaged at different level and earning their personal income. They are getting recognition by different societies and reputed body

Marketing Linkage:

For making SHG sustainable we try to link them wholesalers. Recently on 8 th March, 2019 i.e. women's day a group is linked with M/s. Sunrise Agriland Research & Development Private Limited. The purchaser has assured to purchase 10000 Liters White Phenyl every month from the group

Except it the SHGs are also sent to participate in exhibitions for marketing their products.

Exhibition of SHG Products at Kota