Vermi Compost

Women led Manures & Fertilizer Manufacturing:

We are manufacturer and supplier of various agricultural inputs from manure, fertilizer, planting material and pesticide etc. like Compost, Vermicompost, Trichoderma, Neem Cake, Neem Oil, Neem Powder, and Organic Booster etc.

Vermicompost manure with enriched quality is manufactured by our team of 20 women’s at Pinjara Pole Gaushala, Jaipur. This vermicompost is made up of cow dung desi cow from Gaushala. The women team is dedicated to make this manure from last 5 years. They make it on their own but scientific methods with the help of earthworms.

Vermicompost is a type ofcompostin which certain species of earthworms are used to enhance the process of organic waste conversion and produce a better end-product. It is a mesophilic (Amesophileis anorganismthat grows best in moderatetemperature, neither too hot nor too cold, typically between 20 and 45°C) process utilizing microorganisms and worms. Earthworms feeds the cow dung or organic waste materials and passes it through their digestive system and gives out in a granular form (cocoons) which is known as vermicompost.

Simply speaking, vermicompost is earthworm excrement, called castings, which can improve biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil. The chemical secretions in the earthworm’s digestive tract help break down soil and organic matter, so the castings contain more nutrients that are immediately available to plants.

Types of earthworms

There are nearly 3600 types of earthworms which are divided into burrowing and non-burrowing types. Red earthworm species, likeEiseniafoetida,and are most efficient in compost making.

Benefits of vermicompost

The worm castings contain higher percentage of both macro and micronutrients. Apart from other nutrients, a fine worm cast is rich in NPK which are in readily available form and are released within a month of application. Vermicompost enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil, and improves water retention and aeration.

Vermicompost also benefits the environment by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and decreasing the amount of waste going to landfills. Vermicompost production is trending up worldwide and it is finding increasing use especially in Western countries, Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Vermicomposting Unit:

The Vermicomposting unit is spread on over 15 acres of land inside the Pinjara pole Gaushala, where all possible methods and applications are applied for manufacturing- like beds, mulching, shade, storage godowns, sieving, grading, packing area etc.

Production Capacity:-

We manufacture 3 tons of vermicompost every day, in a month 100 MT good quality vermicompost is made at our unit for sale.


We provide packaging in 50 Kg white PP bags.

We conducts training programs on vermin composting at our own unit situated at sunrise organic park, Pinjra pole Gaushala Jaipur. This training program is very popular among farmers, entrepreneurs & individuals. We have trained 500 youths in this training programs up to the current financial year. The course curriculum of the training is designed in both the lecture and interactive sessions. The lecture/interactive sessions will be of about 5 hours duration and sufficient time will be devoted to experience sharing on each topic with special emphasis on the case studies. There will be a field visit to nearby area on soil and water conservation, nursery and plantations.

Vermin Compost is essential for plant growth. It also assists in:

  • Recycling of organic wastes.
  • Production of energy rich resources.
  • Reduction of environmental pollution.
  • Improvement of soil pH
  • Improvement of the water holding capacity in sandy soils.
  • Release of exchangeable and available forms of nutrients
  • Increase of oxidisable carbon levels, improving the Base Exchange capacity of the soil.
  • Improvement of the nitrate and phosphate levels.
  • Encouragement of plant root system growth.

Training on preparation of Vermi compost unit

This program helped us in establishing 40 model vermin composting units & hundred of individual units in all over the Jaipur district.