Medicinal & Horticulture Plants Cultivation

Medicinal Plants form the major resource base of our indigenous health care traditions. The outreach and acceptability of AYUSH systems, both nationally as well as globally, are dependent on uninterrupted availability of quality medicinal plants based raw material. More than 90% of the species used in trade continue to be sourced from the wild of which about 2/3rd are harvested by destructive means.

The Cultivation of medicinal plants, therefore, is the key to meeting the raw material needs of the AYUSH industry besides offering opportunities for higher levels of income, crop diversification and growth of exports. Indian exports of medicinal plants and herbs are mostly in the form of raw herbs and extracts and account for almost 60-70% of the current exports of herbal/AYUSH products.

The export of value added items require product development, setting up of processing facilities, quality assurance and brand promotion. Increasing concerns of unsustainable collection from the wild, disappearance of certain species on the one hand and concerns of quality and standardization on the other make it imperative to promote cultivation of species critical to AYUSH systems of medicine through appropriate financial incentives, policy, infrastructural and marketing support in a synergistic manner.

During the training we provide complete practical know how about the growing harvesting, and marketing. Valuable information is compiled from growers, research trials, and the author’s own experience. We emphasized on practical training about each procedure

  • Pre Cultivation Analysis and Testing
  • Before starting cultivation what parameters has to be taken?
  • Include field level primary processing/ value addition activities.
  • How to Convert your business into small-scale industries?
  • On what parameters/standard Medicinal cultivation/horticulture done?
  • What are the Marketing aspects & services?
  • Profit percentage from single buyer and how much it is effective?
  • What are terms and condition of Guarantee of Buyback Agreement?
  • Certified plant saplings and seeds, surety of certification and standardization of material?
  • How can you choose any medicinal plants /horticulture according to your place climate, Land soil and water availability?
  • List of Government certified & approved Herbal plants?
  • Climatically conditions, environmental improvement and soil improvement.
  • Employment to unemployed people?
  • Promotions of Herbal plants according to Government Schemes?
  • Medicinal farming through organic preparation?
  • Cultivation of Medicinal plants & horticulture with minimum water level?
  • Safety about climatic diseases in Medicinal Herbs?
  • How to prepare nursery of Medicinal & horticulture plants?
  • Subsidy from Central and State Government?
  • Formalities for Organic Certification?
  • Bankable projects and bank loan?
  • Industrial Visit.
  • Description about Equipments
  • description for important micronutrients; microorganisms commercial availability of these useful orgs.
  • Importance of Phytoconstituents  of medicinal plants