Environment Sustainability

Environment sustainability is a prime need of the day. Collective efforts are expected to be made in this direction. Superficial style of living and keeping distance with nature causes deformities in life. It needs to educate people so as to maintain the balance of nature. Motivational campaigns may be organized to stop people for their exhaustive consumption of natural resources which happens due to ignorance, accumulating attitude and self centered approach. Nature is the creation of God every person has the right over these resources

The following steps were taken for environment sustainability:

Construction of Watershed completed

Workshops Conducted on Environmental Health

HCMS has conducted 5 workshops in Jagatpura & Jaipur office for ‐

  • Promoting Community Environmental Health
  • Understanding and Mobilizing for Community Health
  • Protecting Natural Resources for All
  • Environmental Rights and Justice
  • Health Problems from Unsafe Water
  • Protecting Community Water
  • Building Toilets
  • Protecting Watersheds
  • Community Food Security
  • Pesticides Are Poison
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Solid Waste: Turning a Health Risk into a Resource
  • Health Care Waste 

Implementation Approach

HCMS is a registered nonprofit & non political organization. It has beenworking since 1996 in the rural and urban areas of 6 states of INDIA. It has field coverage of 16 districts in the Rajasthan state. It is striving hard tofulfill the health, education, agriculture, employment and other social needs of the women and children of marginalized sections. HCMS believes in its pragmatic approach of believing in community empowerment to meet the MDGs tomorrow. Due to various reasons, the children are deprived of education & health facility, which hinders their development to attain full citizenship.

The main focus of HCMS is to accelerate health care service deliveries to reduce IMR & MMR, bringing down the school dropout rate and promoting livelihood alternatives on one hand and promoting sustainable agriculture &protecting human rights of women, children & elderly persons on the other.

HCMS will ensure liaising with the likeminded organizations and community to maintain positive energies towards the centre. The key strategy of HCMS is community empowerment and strengthening of Women & Children. Thus, the empowered community especially the women and children feel that they can also play a vital role in transforming the lives of Women, children & elderly persons.

To benefit disadvantaged women, landless farmers, children & elderly persons, HCMS will join hands with likeminded organizations, Government departments, Government & Non Government International development agencies for implementing community welfare programs. The overall social development framework of HCMS is steered by its executive committee and supervised by the eminent advisor