Tobacco Free India

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Tobacco Free Initiative is committed to raising awareness of the threat posed by the global tobacco epidemic and of the steps that can be taken to reduce tobacco use and save lives.

It produces a variety of communications and advocacy materials to promote its activities and to inform journalists, the general public and its partners in the public health community about the harms of tobacco.

Implementing Tobacco control

Various 1‐day awareness and training programs at schools in Jaipur district were organized by HCMS. This activity was supported by District Tobacco Control Cell, CM & HO, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The aim of conducting these training programs was to made children under age of 18 on the bad affects of tobacco on their health. The experts of HCMS apprised the children and school administration on the section 6 of COPTA 2003 in simplest, interesting and effective manner. The participants were told about the legal strictness and consequences on sale and purchase of tobacco products by children less than 18. They were acquainted on complaining procedures on sale or purchase of tobacco products within the 100 feet range of school premises by any shopkeeper.