Agri- entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs just think and do things differently. Being entrepreneurial can mean knowing your industry inside out, and being able to exploit that knowledge to create new opportunities. Being entrepreneurial can mean sharing ideas freely, and celebrating so-called failures as learning and growing experiences.

Why Agricultural Entrepreneurship?

Traditionally, agriculture is seen as a low-tech industry with limited dynamics dominated by numerous small family firms which are mostly focused on doing things better rather than doing new things. Over the last decade, this situation has changed dramatically due to economic liberalization, a reduced protection of agricultural markets, and a fast changing, more critical, society. Agricultural companies increasingly have to adapt to the vagaries of the market, changing consumer habits, enhanced environmental regulations, new requirements for product quality, chain management, ,food safety sustainability, and so on. These changes have cleared the way for new entrants, innovation, and portfolio entrepreneurship. It is recognized by politicians, practitioners as well as scientists that farmers and growers increasingly require entrepreneurship, besides sound management and craftsmanship, to be sustainable in the future.

HCMS provide platform to agri entrepreneur to become agri businessperson. We have motto more we know more we can grow. It turns out that there arefourdistincttypes of entrepreneurial organizations; small businesses, scalable startups, large companies and socialentrepreneurs. They all engage inentrepreneurship.

We have consultancy service to all categories of businesspersons. At our sunrise organize park we have produced 30 ton of vermicompost all over the week. Other than, we make organic booster for crop development. All these aspects is a good lead for agri entrepreneur.