Our Objectives

  • To undertake all kind of welfare tasks in INDIA as expressed in the bye‐laws,
  • To promote & provide sustainable livelihood solutions such as ‐ Skill Development, Credit & Marketing Support.
  • Women Empowerment through organizing them, Skill & Entrepreneurship Development, Credit & Marketing Support.
  • Farm & Non‐farm based technology promotion, To work for Natural Resource Management (Protection of Pastureland, Forests & Water Resources),
  • To educate people about the harmful effects of liquor, Tobacco and food obtained from GMO seeds etc.
  • To organize trainings to aware people to about health and cleanliness, medicinal plant cultivation and agriculture
  • To provide viable Consultancy services to Research & Academic institutions/ NGOs/GOs/POs/Farmer‐clubs/Youth.
  • Make awareness regarding organic farming and products
  • Increase the farmer income via intercropping and minimum budget farming
  • Promote direct link between farmer and consumer, try for solving intermediary problem with farmer.
  • Encourage farmer for marketing their produce to get maximum profit.
  • Organic village and development of industries regarding food processing in village is necessary.

Future Objectives:

Tomorrow happiness is lies in today's effort. We have well planned systematic effort to solve the farmer and rural people problems we have some future strategy for famer and rural women also:

  • We will plan to work on model of women farmer oriented FPO. According to some surveys the agriculture 60% hard work is depend on women farmer. Hence, we should promote the stability of women farmer in terms of economic and financial.
  • We plan for strategy, which solve the farmer third man commission problem because by this at the end farmer will get nothing. To solve this we promote organic village industries through this farmer can direct deal with customer and sale the crop, grain and other things.
  • We want to educate more and more farmer to connect with technology through this we would like to promote the online mandi concept of government. As this is good ways to solve the agent’s problem of farmer.
  • We want to request a government to book one compartment in train for our beloved farmer to make ease of transportation of crop and other related material
  • From 70 years of independence, the development of country is in process and it remains in process if we not understand the farmer economic problem. To increase farmer income is important if we want to make our developing country to developed country.
  • In the dream of developed country there is another target called introduction of eco friendly technology. In this area, we would like to work on indigenous cow varieties, make our cow more economical rather than religious.
  • We want to promote universities, which is based on Vedic concept or cow importance because only by this way we have good alternate of education, which provide more job and help to provide rural youth stability.
  • We want to set up of agriculture model which  is sustain and promote our country development
  • Water is essential component of life, we want to work for approachable water harvesting model which can be used by every house hold and schools and more water can be saved for agriculture
  • Agri tourism is one of the easiest way to increase the income of rural farmer we want to promote the training program regarding this subject also.
  • We want to develop more and more SHG group in corporation with government agencies. The self helping group are group of women which provide them financial support with the help of bank loan and they can start there small scale business.

Our Vision

We are committed to make our country developing to developed by providing sustainable agriculture method and women farmer producer organizing. As we nourish our motherland or nature, it will provide all natural resources, which is basic need for economic development for country.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to full development of society.
  • Solving social root causes issues social wellbeing of rural and urban communities in the form of sustainable livelihood, agriculture development, education, micro enterprises, ensuring access to education and health, women empowerment.
  • Development of more skills people who are capable of dealing with more challenges in life; more enthusiastic toward society and education
  • In light of enhancing living standard of the deprived Indian community, we wish to improve health, economic and based capacity building and awareness programs.

Our Values

Our NGO believe in providing respect to farmer in terms of financial as well carrier stability because if farmer happy, we get good quality of food which nourishes our future. In this community women play a key role in agriculture sector hence our organization is provide equal chance to rural women.