Kisan Gyan

KISAN GYAN is a information corner that is designed for the enhancement of knowledge for farmers. It is one of the best online sourse which provide information about all the technologies, development which is trending in the agriculture society and help them to improve their Agricultural Farming Technique.

The Kisan Gyan has the belief that organic farming is the key part for agricultural farming because Organic farming lowers the cost of production and gives the immense quality of farming which helps the farmer to gain an efficient amount of money and maintain the health of the public through the high quality of food. It also gives information about how we can do organic farming and how it is beneficial for us.

Kisan Gyan is designed for people who are keen to know and understand about organic farming and other techniques in agriculture. In this, there is a use of simple language which is easy and convenient to understand. It is designed in the Hindi and English language for the comfort of farmers because farmers.

Please click on the below links to download pdfs on various topics.

S.No. Heading PDF
1 Organic Farming Download
2 जैविक खेती Download
3 Components of Organic Farming Download
4 जैविक खेती के प्रमुख अवयव Download
5 Principles of Organic Farming Download
6 जैविक खेती के सिद्धांत Download
7 Organic Management Download
8 जैविक प्रबंधन Download
9 Some Other Forms Of Agriculture In Organic Management Download
10 जैविक प्रबंधन मे कुछ अन्य प्रचालित तरीके और आदान Download
11 Organic Certification Download
12 जैविक प्रमाणीकरण Download
13 Waste Decomposer Download
14 वैस्ट डिकमपोसर Download
15 जैविक किटकनाशक Download
16 Hdpe Vermicompost Units Download
17 Participatory Organic Guarantee System for India Download
19 ट्राइकोडर्मा का कृषि में महत्व Download
20 Intercropping in Medicinal Crops Download
21 ओषधीय वनस्पति में अंतर Download
22 PANCHGAVYA Download
23 पंचगव्य Download
25 मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड Download
26 Stevia History Download
27 लागत प्रभावी कृषि पद्धतियां Download
28 Medicinal Plant Cultivation in India Download
29 Nutrients Deficiency & Organic Measures Download
30 आंवले के प्रमुख रोग और उनके प्रबंधन Download
31 ओषधीय वनस्पति में अंतर-converted Download
32 जैविक खेती: समय की मांग Download
33 भारत में औषधीय पौधे की खेती Download
34 मूलद्रव्यों की कमी और जैविक उपाय Download