SHG (Self-Help Group) is group of women who are not financial and economical sound. Mainly rural women group formed in this manner having 10, the ideal size of an SHG is 10 to 20 members. Advantage: In a bigger group, members cannot actively participate. In addition, legally it is required that an informal group should not be of more than 20 people. These groups need not to be registered. Due to poor condition of rural women, bank also helps them by providing loan to start their small-scale business with very low interest. The installments of loan will be paid by SHG itself.

In HCMS, we have work for development of rural women by providing skill training and make independent them hence she will get enough mature to take the responsibility of family itself. At present we work all over the Rajasthan like Niwai, toda rai singh, tonk, malpura, bassi, pratapgarah etc. We have approx 500 SHG was maintained and work successfully in their respective area:

The description given in following table:

S.No Name Project Title Project Period From Project Period To
1. Nabard Shg-Programme 02-12-13 02-12-16
2. Nabard 17-02-15 17-02-17
3. Nabard Farmers Club 05-09-13
4. District Excise Officer Skill Training Programme 21-02-10 31-05-10
5. Nabard Exposure Visit 14-01-16 28-02-16
6. Nagar Palika Devali Shg Development Under Day-Nulm Programme 09-10-17 09-10-20
7. Nagar Palika Nawai Shg Development Under Day-Nulm Programme 27-08-18 27-08-21
8. Nagar Nigam Kota Shg Development Under Day-Nulm Programme 06-09-17 06-09-20
9. Nagar Nigam Jaipur To Prepare Dpr For Upgradation Of The Quality Of Street Food 23-10-09 23-10-10
10. National Minority Development And Finance Cooperation Mahilla Samriddhi Yojana 15-09-17 31-03-18
11. Nabard Toda Raisingh Shg-Programme 26-12-16 26-12-19
12. Nagar Palika Toda Raisingh Shg Development Under Day-Nulm Programme 19-01-17 31-01-19
13 Nagar Prashid Tonk Shg Development Under Day-Nulm Programme - -