Nursery Management

Young plant whether propagated from seed or vegetative reproduction require lots of care particularly during the early stages of growth. They have to be protected from adverse temperature, heavy rain, drought, wind and varieties of pest and disease. If small seeds of vegetables are direct sown in field, germination is often poor and the young plant grow very slowly and require lots of time to mature. Also there may be limitations in terms of available season for full development in the field. To overcome this problems, vegetable crops are grown in nursery before being transplanted in the field.

HCMS organize training on nursery management and plant propagation. We also organized Nursery Management training programs with financial support of NABARD. During the training program we increase the awareness and motivate youth farmers to adopt nursery development.

Our course curriculum for nursery includes following topics:

  • Medicinal Plants Nursery Management
  • Horticulture plant nursery Management
  • Vermin compost management
  • Vegetable Plant Nursery Management
  • Aloe Vera cultivation and nursery Management
  • Green House/Net shade house system
  • Micro irrigation system Management

Nursery crop protection : Diseases in nurseries ,Disease symptoms, Control of pests and diseases, Safety precautions. Up to the end of current financial year we have trained 800 trainees in Nursery management.