Operational Area

The nerve centre of HCMS is located in jaipur, Rajasthan. From here, farmers/ land grower/ farm owner/ agro enttrepreneurs needs are determined, fulfilled & solutions presented within India & abroad.

After the establishment of our organization, we have done many training schedule and activities for rural people of jaipur state of rajasthan for the progress of rural people in the area of education and reduce poverty. The region mainly cover are churu; Bikaner; sriganaganagar; Udaipur; jhunjhunu; bhilwara;bundi; chitorgarh; ajmer; dausa; alwar; tonk; kota; barmer and etc

With our extensive network of collaborators in other states, we are able to provide centrally coordinated research on a National Scale. Apart from various interwoven rural developmental activities & projects undertaken in the state, the social welfare initiatives have extended their outreach to all the states of India.

We’ve already benefited & promoted Rural Peoples & growers by facilitating a large market to them in INDIA and abroad also.

We are also providing the consult for organic farming in Mauritius, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, China, Bolivia, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Nepal etc.