Workshops on Various Issues

1. Perm culture & Sustainable Farming

HCMS has conducted 15 workshops on Perm culture & sustainable farming all over Rajasthan. Permanent agriculture and permanent culture combines design agriculture productive ecosystem. To improve environment; and adapt to climate change; sustainable agriculture practices and community organization are the cornerstones for farmer self sufficiency and food security. HCMS supports small scale farmers by providing them with practical information on sustainable agriculture.

2. The importance of fair trade

HCMS has conducted 23 workshops on spreading awareness of Fair‐trade in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Gurgaon, Delhi, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, West Bengal, Gujarat & Jammu. Fair Trade is a small but growing movement that offers a progressive alternative to the conventional model of trade. This is Essential & beneficial for farmers & women both.

3. Pressure on land use:

HCMS has conducted 7 workshops on "Pressure on Land Use" in Chaksu, Phagi, Bassi, Dausa, Bharatpur, Unjha, Jammu‐ Farm house. Pressure on agriculture is supposed to become more industrialized and squeezes out the smaller subsistence of farmer.

4. Environment Health

HCMS has conducted 5 workshops in Jagatpura & Jaipur office for ‐

  • Promoting Community Environmental Health
  • Understanding and Mobilizing for Community Health
  • Protecting Natural Resources for All
  • Environmental Rights and Justice
  • Health Problems from Unsafe Water
  • Protecting Community Water
  • Building Toilets
  • Protecting Watersheds
  • Community Food Security
  • Pesticides Are Poison
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Solid Waste: Turning a Health Risk into a Resource
  • Health Care Waste

5. Solar Energy

HCMS has conducted 2 workshops in Bassi Tehsil on 'Solar Energy'. The objective is to create awareness of renewable energy sources in a way that is understood by the public.

  • How renewable energy plays a part in meeting the climate change challenge which is, our ability to mitigate and adapt to changes
  • Renewable energy options and how farmers/women and communities can gain access to them