An Overview

As population of our country is increasing, the demand of food is also increased and to fulfill the demand many harsh footsteps were taken. Such as, supply of GMO (genetic modified seeds), chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The excessive use of these chemicals is directly proportional to spoiling of soil fertility and the production. The nutrition value of crop is also diminished. As a result, much new type of diseases is taking place in human body. Hence, the need of change in farming practices is compulsory in this scenario.

The Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS), an ISO Certified NGO, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, spreading knowledge regarding organic cultivation, under the guidance of Mrs. MonikaGupta (Secretary HCMS). The objective is to make country more pronounced in Agriculture Sector, Dairy Farming and Women Empowerment.

The NGO providing training in medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation from 20 years. Many farmers from all corners in India are benefited from this training. They aware about tactics to enhance their agriculture skill, further they know about other method like Vermicomposting, Organic Booster Composition, Neem Cake and other useful Harvesting and Good Collection Practices.

The farmers also get expert advice to understand the steps of Agripreneur to agribusiness tycoon. HCMS organization having faith that as when farmer gets knowledge they will grow more crops with balanced nutrition. In mission of spreading knowledge HCMS also publishing MAIN HU KISAN patrika on monthly basis.This magazine is focused on farmer’s current issue regarding cultivation; how to choose crop; market aspect; export import process, supply chain management and how government schemes benefited the farmer. This magazine has most valuable content, which are appreciated by farmers

HCMS is also running program for rural women empowerment by providing many project. One of the projects is SHG under which the women get educated by teaching skill for small-scale business unit set up. The women’s are getting training for faming; pickle making; soap making and natural phenyl (ingredients mainly cow urine, castor oil and soda) and sanitary pad (aloevera gel and cellouse fibre). The women has become self-confident and live her life happily.

Commercial company like Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt.Ltd ( which is a venture of HCMS, purchased these SHG products. Because these products are economical as well organic and not having any side effects. The Director of Sunrise Agriland, Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi described the importance of these organic products not only in country but also in worldwide also. These small steps will definitely help in country development.

If we see the development in rural area economically as well as on education ground, our country will have focus on farmer income stability with proper risk management. Hence, the NGO HCMS works hard in area of agriculture for rural people.

Our NGO’s next venture is start of International Institute of Advanced Agriculture Skill Development (IIAASD) ( where the farmers, students, agri-professionals and agri-enterpreneurs can get knowledge through sixteen different types of certificate courses, which are based on sustainable agriculture. i.e. Certification in Organic Farming.

Our organization is engaged with export of organic products through JKM Organics & HerbsPvt Ltd. JKM Director Mr. Avinish Agarwal, described that there is huge demand of crop or products which is available direct from farmer. Therefore farmer should more concentrate for their crop nutrition quality and there good agriculture practices.

HCMS deeply engaged in farmer’s and women empowerment development in each step and trying its best possibilities to discover farmers and rural women smile by doubling their income and provide stability in carrier also.