Food Processing Industries In Village

Industrial areas in city are mostly exhausted and land for food processing industries are not enough. Hence, there is need of development of food processing industries. Food processing industries means where rural farmer can grow there vegetables, crop, and sale direct to market or consumer after all post harvesting techniques. The raw material is changed to eatable form for urban people or consumer. Improvement in processing efficiency, by increased yield of usable product, is a tangible means of reducing food loss and increasing food supply The aim to develop these industries is to make farmer more economic independent with knowledge of marketing skill. This food processing industries will solve the issues of intermediary person or agents. On the other hand, the urban populations get a quality and nutritional food item with in cheap amount. India's organic food market is expected to increase by three times by 2020. But due to lack of knowledge in farmer they cant able to proceed in this direction. Many increase in population, consumer demand etc many reason there is need of proper supply chain management and development of food processing industries in village so that the farmer double income aim fulfilled.