Anita Devi Verma, Sheela Devi, Sunita Devi Success Story

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Anita Devi Verma, Sheela Devi, Sunita Devi Success Story

NGO Name:  Hahnemann charitable mission society, Jaipur
Secretary:  Mrs. Monika Gupta
Bank: ICICI, Loan approved,April 2015 | Loan complete, June 2018
Success:  Complete installment without fault and get six percent subsidies on loan 

This is the story of women's struggle and it tells how they cross all obstacles. The story of Anita, Sheela and Sunita guides to other women, where there is desire, way is also found. We present the experience of those three to you

We are resident of Niwai, Tonk Jaipur. Our everyday domestic activities were going on just like this. We were Worried about increasing the income of the household activities of every day. Children's education,how they get the right food, how they became self-confident, and many reason as like this the mind disturbed. All of our problems have been resolved by an NGO, namely, the Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS), whose Main branch is in Jaipur. The secretary of this organization is Mrs. Monika Gupta. She gave us inspiration to be aware and gave us the path after hearing our problem, so that we could become self-confident and handle our family responsibility too. From this NGO came employee with us and they gave us information about the direction of doing the work. First we created the small group like Maharani, Balaji and Other. All these groups come under the self-help group. Every group has worker number 10 -10 women. We all started to add money with our own comfort level. We started collecting money in the savings bank account of the bank. Our savings account was opened in Bank of Baroda, with the help of HCMS. When we have developed little self-confident then we thought of starting a self employment, but there was issue of money in front of us. In this problem we also get full support from HCMS. We were told how to repay the loan from the bank and how to repay its installments. The activist of the HCMS institution helped us to get loan from ICICI Bank. This loan was 1,20000 amount. From this loan we have trained to make Phenyl, which proved to be very useful. After the training, we made Phenyl, now the problem how to sale Phenyl. HCMS then resolved it; they talked to Sunrise Agriland & Research pvt Ltd, and the company bought our Phenyl in 30,000 rupees. We also go on the market to sale Phenyl. Slowly our economic situation also started to grow well. We started earning from 150 to 2000 rupees per month. We were also very enthusiastic and confident. We got full support from HCMS. We all express gratitude to HCMS for this. Our assistance was made even further; we also got a subsidy of Rs 6000 under the scheme of Nagarpalika DAY NULM. We have completed all the loan installations from the right time. It was also informed by the institution from time to time.

Every time when we discussed about our success in front of society they feel energized also. With the help of HCMS we set an example, in front of all women's of our society.

The picture telling the hard work story of these ladies with HCMS member itself. The women unite into the group and take training for phenyl preparation both black and white.

The HCMS Secretary Mrs. Monika Gupta, providing guidance to SHG women group with team members. Niwai Rajasthan.

HCMS celebrating the women day with SHG group members. our organization provide all necessary guidance to rural women so that they improve their skill and knowledge. They become enough confident to help each other, their family and contribute in nation development.

The Founder of HCMS, Dr Atul Gupta (Ph.D in agriculture, IIT khargpur) given cheque to SHG group members. The women are sharing her experience. They received use full words form HCMS founder, how they built self confidence in them.